Marble Print - how to style

The curved and merging shapes make marble a print that will complement your outfitspecialgrade. The print can be styled both sporty and elegant. We show you our favorite outfits.



This one is like a work of artmidi skirtprovided all around with an imaginative marble print. Combined with ourknit sweaterwith a casual hole pattern your styling is up to date.



Not only the great pattern of these printed onesBlousegive her that little something extra. The double button closure with V-neck is also a real eye-catcher. If you don't want to do without a noble look, this great one will do it for youCulotte pantsfavor.



This transparent one is definitely an eye-catcherleggingswith its large pattern. Thanks to the elastic waistband and the airy mesh material, the pants are super comfortable. A casual one to matchBlouseand sneakers.