Shorts & Summer Pants

Summer is already in the starting blocks, it's time for Summer pants & shorts. With the rising temperatures, our airy pants are just the thing to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

The softly falling material gives this sporty Cargo pants feminine accents. Otherwise, they show casual with elastic hem and elastic waistband with cord. Combine with thisT-Shirt with shine. The Vacation print is framed with rhinestones and draws the eye to the floral details.

Whether with the matching blazer combined or with a casual T-shirt worn: These Business shorts can be styled flexibly. They come with an elastic waistband and drawstring, whose finishes provide a silver sheen.

Looking fresh off the runway, these crochet pants in the style of the 70s. Eye-catcher is the pretty pattern, which is framed by the colored stripe at the hem. In addition the matching Short sleeve sweater with wavy stripe design and hole pattern.

As a sporty style for hot summer days are these Jeans bermudas are a good choice. Match with our T-shirts, Blouses or Tops. You have free choice!


Let yourself be inspired by more summer pants: