Adventure looks

Together with the renowned fashion photographer Andreas Ortner, Rich & Royal presents selected highlights of the Pre-Fall Collection 2022 in a new visual language. With an expressive styling, the urban and feminine chic of the designs is transformed into a cool outdoor look.

Escape to Nature - the pre-fall 2022 micro-campaign

Andreas Ortner photographed the models Nancy Topko and Antonie Steflova in the monumental nature reserve of the Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic. The Luční Bouda shelter is located not far from the Polish borders, just three hours from Prague, the photographer's adopted home.

"Inspired by the urge to get out into nature and enjoy freedom, as well as a reflection on my alpine heritage, I wanted to show that the city-ready designs can also be styled for adventures of all kinds," according to Andreas Ortner.

 "In addition to other premium brands, the fashion from Rich & Royal in the scenery of this unique natural location shows how the outdoor trend can be stylishly implemented."

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