The beautiful feeling of nostalgia. Inspired by cheerful retro vibes. Moving forward with optimism. What was good in the past is even better today - underlining the Collectionin which Sustainability has long since become a matter of course and runs like a red thread through the innovations and designs.


Special! Striking! Sparkling!

The resurgence of a positive basic attitude shows before especially in the lively color scheme: bold orange and pink set the mood. Mixed with soft beige, a dynamic image emerges. Accents in dark brown finally provide a modern retro element. The good-humored nostalgic theme is also reflected in the versatile prints. Abstract, graphic, here and there psychedelic touches. Thanks to patchwork styles and quilting, the trends are particularly multi-layered.

Retro shapes are also interpreted in a contemporary way, with knitted vests and flared pants dominating the vintage look. Plus the brilliant comeback of the season: the miniskirt is back. A real eye-catcher, as are the unusual fabrics. From silky satin to lurex jacquard and fancy bouclés. Luxurious accessories, jeweled buttons and glitter details complete the glam factor.


Our looks