The new season brings a new attitude towards life. Determined by the longing for freedom and self-determination. Allowing yourself to indulge, even in fashion. Fashion optimism thus goes into the next round. You can see it above all in a poem of colors and prints. "Avocado" and "Moss Green" are a proliferation of warm green nuances that meet the deliciously vibrant orange shade "Carrot Cake". A color kick with an eye-catching effect. "Purple" adds to the feminine look, harmoniously completing the colorful picture. All these shades together form the heart of the collection - spectacular prints straight out of the wild 70s. To abstract paisley motifs, multicolored flowers and geometric patterns.


Wild & Free

It's getting louder, more feminine, more chic than before. Always special with decorative details such as belts, ruffles, ruffles and tucks, shimmering Lurex and decorative buttons. The silhouettes are body-hugging. The hems of skirts and dresses pull up the leg and show skin. The materials shine. However, that certain something only comes about through the combination with sporty elements. The narrow cuts unfold their effect above all in combination with wide silhouettes and layering. And that is also part of the optimism for the future after the pandemic: the increased awareness of the environment and people. For Rich & Royal, this journey with sustainable standards and innovations has already successfully started.


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