The future of fashion lies in a good conscience. With this belief, we are continuously shaping our brand. We create fashion with a flair for trends and a sustainable conscience.
responsible use of resources, environmentally friendly processes and fair working conditions are as much a part of our tradition as the connection
fashion and people

We have always believed:

Sustainability goes beyond the properties of a single piece of clothing. It begins with appreciation for those people through whose hands our clothes are made. Mutual respect and trust are the core of our philosophy. Many of our partner manufacturers are family-run like us-and share the same project with us: to contribute a piece to the solution to one of the biggest problems of the 21st century.

To do this, we rely on sustainable materials that we choose very consciously - and for which we work with fabric suppliers from Italy, Portugal and France. Sustainability can only succeed if everyone works together with confidence and take on responsibility. We are particularly proud of our organic basics, which are already made 100 % sustainably. Without chemicals, without pesticides. No compromises for the environment.

In order to further expand our vision of sustainability, we stay in motion. Because with these measures we pursue a clear goal: lead the family heritage into the future. Driven by a long tradition, fueled by innovative ideas. Because the only way leads to this future is sustainable.

We look forward to the journey together in exactly this future. Thank you for accompanying us.