As a family business, community cohesion is our great strength. Our vision and daily incentive is to manage and shape Rich & Royal as consciously and sustainably as possible. Fairness, tolerance and transparency are a matter of course for us - with each other and with our partner companies.

We value

At Rich & Royal we choose our partners with great mindfulness. For us, there are essential wages for us, a free choice of work and safe working conditions. With our partners we pursue long -term perspectives and rely on a diverse community. We believe in the same values ​​- and that we can learn from each other. So we sure to produce fair fashion under social responsibility.


We are convinced that the origin of Rich & Royal's success is created by our team and our different ideas and approaches. We meet with fairness and a respectful and tolerant handling. Flat hierarchies and open communication at eye level are important to us. Just like fair salaries and the compatibility of work and family. Our team succeeds in doing this
Part-time models and home office options.

Our holistic approach also includes increasing sustainability awareness in relation to our buildings: the switch to eco-current, which is 100 % sustainable and regional as well as the use of environmentally friendly LEDs in our headquarters and logistics, are just the beginning of this rethink .

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