From the very beginning, we have cooperated with certified partner companies in Europe for our collections. They guarantee environmentally friendly and fair production and support our sustainable vision with their know-how in development.

85% of our collections are made in Italy, Portugal and Greece. We have been working closely with most of the manufacturers, many of them family-run, for decades and regularly visit them on site.

"Made in Europe" stands for social justice and unique quality. But also: shorter delivery routes. Thanks to the proximity to our partner companies, our products are largely transported to Germany by road. This enables us to save CO2 emissions and reduce our ecological footprint.

Our fabric suppliers

We obtain the majority of our sustainable substances through companies that combine long -term partnerships and define the internationally sustainable standards. Together with companies such as Candiani, Deveaux and Riopele, we set benchmarks in terms of sustainability.

Our fabric suppliers


A pronounced enthusiasm for denim is only one of the own
that we share with the traditional weberei Candiani. The company has been with us from near Milan since 2006. With decades of expertise, it provides us with its fabrics, from which 90 % of our denim collections are made. It is about more than exceptionally beautiful denim. Their environmentally friendly manufacturing significantly reduces water consumption and almost completely dispenses with chemicals. All fabrics are biodegradable. That is why Candiani is also considered one of the most sustainable denim weavers in the world.

Our fabric suppliers


We have been working with Deveaux for about five years. In the French community of Saint-Vincent-de-Reins and in the immediate neighborhood, special fabrics have been woven, colored and printed for over 200 years. Our popular Rich & Royal Prints are created here. They are used for our blouses and dresses. In order to guarantee the best quality and the maximum comfort, we mainly rely on Deveaux on FSC-certified viscose and organic cotton in accordance with the Organic Cotton Standard. The independent labels Oeko-Tex, Clear to Wear and Reach are in line with our sustainability values.

Our fabric suppliers


Our specialists for high -quality and environmentally friendly yarns, which we rely on for blazers and pants, are called Riopele. The company was founded in 1927 and is one of the oldest textile companies in Portugal. In the production of fabrics, Riopele attaches great importance to the fulfillment of all environmental standards and ensures a secure job for his employees: inside. During the entire production process, the fabrics go through careful quality control - so that they arrive perfectly with us.

Our production facilities

In addition to the selection of sustainable materials, we have high demands on the social and environmental
Standards in our partner production companies. Essential for us: fair working conditions and processes that leave the most clean footprint as possible.

With our producers Bless International and Baptista Soares in Portugal, we maintain a particularly trusting relationship. Rich & Royal collection parts are created here in a GOTS certified procedure.

If you hold a piece of clothing from Jersey as well as clothes, blouses or organic basics in our hands, they come from Mercury from Greece or from our producers in Portugal, who have been with their passion and know-how for 30 years.

Our social responsibility

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