The only way forward is sustainable.

We actively shape the change and wear a piece to solve one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. This affects not only the properties of each individual garment, but also man and nature. Together with Grow My Tree, we will plant a total of 6,300 trees in 2022. And thus compensate for around 138,600 kilograms of CO2 annually.

Trees plants for a clean climate. What sounds simple is an important next step into a sustainable future. In order to create their own company forest, we support reforestation projects in the global south. For this we have completed a subscription to Grow My Tree. In the coming year alone, 6,300 trees will be planted for us (525 trees per month).

Healthy ecosystems in countries such as Tanzania, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Haiti are restored and future -proof by working with local partners
designed. The close cooperation with the local population creates employment and protects the forests. Ethical, fair and sustainable.

"We take on responsibility and create fashion not only with a trend -puree, but also always with sustainable awareness," said Patrick and Denis Stupp, Managing Director of Rich & Royal. “Of course we are aware that trees alone do not stop climate change. That is why we have already significantly reduced our ecological footprint. "

This includes increasing sustainable materials, environmentally friendly production processes and short supply chains within Europe. We pay attention to the existing resources of our planet. With the subscription at Grow My Tree, there is also actively returning something. Filter trees from the air (up to 22 kilograms per tree) and release oxygen. They continue to secure biodiversity on our earth. An investment in the future.

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